Outer Banks BirthNetwork

Our Mission
Outer Banks Birth Network is dedicated to improving the culture of birth in our community. We support, encourage, and educate women and their families by promoting the awareness and availability of evidence-based, mother-friendly
maternity care as defined by the Mother-Friendly Childbirth
Initiative (MFCI) of the Coalition for Improving Maternity Services.

Our Vision
We envision building stronger families by supporting pregnant women and helping them to have positive pregnancy, birth and early parenting experiences.

What We Do
We educate our community by providing facts about mother-friendly, evidence-based maternity care through peer support groups, guest speakers, free workshops, and film screenings.

We provide support by ensuring that families have a network of experienced, encouraging people to help them make informed choices and to have positive experiences in pregnancy, birth, and early parenting .

By making informed choices and having confidence in the process, families can experience safe and satisfying childbirth.

Chapter Leaders: 
Amanda Finchem (252) 207-5601
Jennifer Parker (252) 489-0443

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