New Jersey BirthNetwork
New Jersey is one of the most educated and affluent states in the country.  Regretfully, New Jersey is in the top three states for high rates of cesarean births, births with interventions and/or augmentations, perinatal mood disorders, and extended stays in Neonatal Intensive Care Units (NICU).  This is unacceptable!
Our Mission
New Jersey BirthNetwork is empowering women to take control of their pregnancy and birth experiences. NJ women need to know, there is a growing community of people and caregivers, who support a woman’s right to manage her own maternity and birth. There is a growing range of care options for pregnant and birthing women in NJ.  The New Jersey BirthNetwork is working to help make these options well known and widely available.  
What We Do
With a desire to bring advocacy, education, and support to our local community, the New Jersey Chapter of BirthNetwork National (est. 2011) is bringing educational classes, networking opportunities for consumers and local providers, organizing fundraising events and publishing an annual provider directory.
          Chapter Leaders: Jessica Queller-Katz, Jill Dillner
email: [email protected]    

Upcoming events

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