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About The Long Island BirthNetwork
Long Island is one of the most educated and affluent populations in the United States. Long Island also claims some of the highest US rates of cesarean sections, high rates of births with interventions and/or augmentations, as well as extended stays in Neonatal Intensive Care Units and postpartum depression. The United States itself and New York in particular have some of the highest infant and maternal mortality and morbidity rates in the industrialized world.

Every birthing woman and her family have the right to be informed of the wide range of options available to the within their communities. Long Island women also have a right to know that there is a large and growing community of people including caregivers who support a woman’s right to the birth she desires.

The Long Island BirthNetwork is helping to make these options well known and widely available. With a desire to bring advocacy, education, and support to our local community, the Long Island Chapter of BirthNetwork National (est. October of 2010) offers educational classes, networking opportunities for consumers and providers, fundraising events, and a provider directory (published annually).

Chapter Leaders: Gayle Eckey, Mary Betsellie, Shanon McKenna   -     -  (631) 901-4174

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