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You can search this Resource Guide by as many or as few criteria as you would like.  You can start by your state.  To do this, select your state from the drop down menu on the left column (for example FL for Florida).  You will now see ALL of the Provider Members of BirthNetwork National in your state.  To narrow this down, you can add Chapter, and then Professional Category and select from the drop down menu.  For example, you can add Midwife and Doula- Birth and find all the of the BirthNetwork National Member Midwives and Birth Doulas in your state and/or chapter.  You can create custom searches and search by a variety of criteria such as name, zip code, chapter etc.  To do so, click on the Advanced Search button.
BirthNetwork National encourages you to seek Providers who support your personal philosophy. BirthNetwork National does not endorse or recommend Providers, but instead lists Providers who endorse the Mother-Friendly Childbirth Initiative (MFCI) and are paid BirthNetwork National members. BirthNetwork National does not guarantee the Provider information contained in this guide and BirthNetwork National does not check the validity or accuracy of credentials including, but not limited to, certifications, licenses or training of any listed Provider. There are variations in the philosophies and practices of the Providers listed. It is the responsibility of each consumer to verify the credentials of Providers and BirthNetwork National encourages consumers to interview Providers in order to find the care that is right for each individual and family.
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