Evidenced-Based Care and Informed Consent

Childbirth Connection 
Childbirth Connection has defined Evidence-based Maternity Care and offers resources on Informed Decision Making, Informed Consent and Informed Refusal. This comprehensive site offers articles on evidence-based care on a variety of topics, such as The Rights of Childbearing Women
The Childbirth Connection website offers a full-text version of the 3rd edition of A Guide to Effective Care in Pregnancy and Childbirth, which is an overview of results of the best available research about the effects of specific maternity practices. The book brings together the concerted work of a large international network of researchers, administrators, and consumers. 

Childbirth Connection developed the First National U.S. Survey of Women’s Childbearing Experiences called Listening to Mothers, a survey to better understand women’s maternity experiences and ways to improve these experiences. This historic survey is the first time that women in the U.S. have been systematically polled at the national level about their maternity experiences. The survey focuses the discussion of maternity care in the U.S. on the people who care about it most: mothers themselves. 

Childbirth Connection also created the comprehensive booklet What Every Pregnant Woman Should Know About Cesarean Section (2006)
Lamaze Institute for Normal Birth
Founded upon six Lamaze Healthy Birth Practices, the Lamaze Institute for Normal Birth is an evidence-based resource for new and expectant parents and childbirth professionals.  Their new program, Push For Your Baby, urges parents to push for the safest, healthiest birth possible. 

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