Colorado Springs BirthNetwork
The mission of BirthNetwork is to promote awareness and the availability of Mother-Friendly maternity care. BirthNetwork is leading a grassroots movement based on the belief that birth can profoundly affect our physical, mental and spiritual well-being. We advocate Mother-Friendly care, as defined by the Coalition for Improving Maternity Services' Mother-Friendly Childbirth Initiative (MFCI).  By making informed choices and having confidence in the process, families can experience safe and satisfying childbirth.

What We Do:
Our chapter supports expectant families in several ways, from our resource guide to monthly events to our annual Healthy Pregnancy Fair. All of our members agree to support the Mother-Friendly Childbirth Initiative. Please explore our website or follow us on Facebook for regular updates on our events and initiatives.

Chapter Leaders: Kari Kwinn, Emily Thompson, Caitlin Novak, Barbara Grace, Jennifer Green              

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