New Volunteer Opportunity - Chapter Leader Mentorship Program

22 Nov 2013 2:22 PM | Deleted user
Would you like to connect with other chapter leaders in a meaningful way while helping BNN on a national level? Would you like to be part of a core team of chapter leaders who will lead BNN through a new era of growth? We are looking for volunteers to be part of a new program that will strengthen our chapters. In the past the BNN Board of Directors was able to offer each chapter individual support. Now we have too many chapters for this to be possible, and with a greater number of new chapters this one on one support is more needed then ever before. To meet this crucial need we are developing a program where chapter leaders will mentor one another.

This Chapter Leader Mentoring Program will provide nurturing relationships between the mentor and the chapter leaders. These relationships will also connect the chapter leaders to the BNN Board of Directors and the administrator, ensuring that each chapter is fully supported, doing the necessary things to be a chapter in good standing, and that communication is flowing freely between the chapter leaders and the board as well as between chapter leaders. The new mentors will be on the front lines, hearing the exciting things the chapters are working on as well as helping them work through their challenges. Each mentor will have a handful of chapter leaders they will be checking in with every month. This check in could be a simple “How are things going?” on Facebook or a more in depth phone call where you help the chapter leader troubleshoot a problem. Mentors will have opportunities to gather with other mentors and the board. The Mentoring Coordinator will be available to help throughout the whole mentoring process.

We know you are all working hard to promote the MFCI in your own communities; now is your chance to share your expertise with other chapter leaders as you develop new friendships with amazing birth advocates all over the country. If you are ready to join the BNN leadership team and be a mentor, or if you have any questions please contact me at .

Thank you!

Anna Van Wagoner

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