BirthNetwork National believes women, babies and families deserve safe and satisfying birth experiences. With a record-high rate of cesarean sections (32.9% of all births in the United States as of 2009) and other potentially risky birth interventions and decreasing access to a full range of birth choices, including vaginal birth after cesarean (VBAC), it is imperative that we act to change the current trends in maternity care. 
There are various paths to becoming birth activists and changing a system that is not working for American women and babies. The first step is to learn about mother-friendly, evidence-based maternity care.  
For a list of easy steps to take to make a difference, read these ideas for birth activism.  
Women who have given birth can also send their written feedback about their experience to their birth care provider, which is another powerful way to give a voice to your experience.
In addition to these quick steps, giving your birth care provider written feedback is another powerful way to give voice to your experience.
For more information, see BirthNetwork National’s Legislative Advocacy page for information on how to contact your legislators and get involved in the legislative process.

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