Start an ImprovingBirth Network Chapter
4 Easy Steps

Step #1: Apply to become a chapter of the ImprovingBirth Network.
*Chapter applications are currently on hold until the merger is complete and new ImprovingBirth website is launched, which will be happening in mid-June 2017. If interested in becoming a chapter of the ImprovingBirth Network, please email us to have your name and location added to the waiting list. Once chapter applications are re-opened, we will contact you with information on the steps needed to apply for a IBN chapter.

Step #3: Find at least one Co-Leader for your chapter; two or three would be even better.  More hands = less work for all!

Step #4: Determine the needs of your community and choose your chapter's focus.  You could provide programs, meetings, birth fairs, speaking engagements, mother to mother support, networking, etc., that will focus on addressing those needs. You decide!



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